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One tank tanker safety accessories

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One tank tanker safety accessories detailed description of the breathing valve
Tanker tank safety accessories do not know whether the breathing valve understand, give the following details:
A mechanical breathing valve, the valve is made of cast iron or cast aluminum body and a pressure control valve and the vacuum pressure valve. When the tanker mixed gas pressure inside the tank is greater than the pressure valve control value, the pressure valve is opened, the vacuum valve is turned off, the mixture through the pressure valve to escape; when the tanker gas mixture inside the tank pressure is less than the vacuum valve allows vacuum , the vacuum valve is opened, the pressure valve is closed, fresh air into the tank through the vacuum valve. Where allowed by pressure and vacuum regulator valve plate weight control. The heavy breathing valve, valve plate, seat perishable, the contact surface is easy to produce leakage; valve disc and the guide rod rust dead easy to freeze or malfunction.
Second, fire breathing valve. The body trifoliate small, light weight, the valve disc and seat are plastic and difficult to corrosion and freezing. Its role in much the same principle and mechanical breathing valve. Allow pressure and vacuum system control valve disc spring up and down. When the spring corrosion failure, it will lose respiration, and even tanker tank suction deflated and Splitting accidents. Therefore require frequent inspection and maintenance.
Third, the pipeline mechanical breathing valve. Its structure and principle and the two of the same, the difference is that the pressure valve is connected with the pipeline flange, connected with the gas pipeline to the place of safety. This breathing valve for cave depot.
Fourth, the spring-breathing valve. This breathing valves are usually used in horizontal light tanker tank.
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