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        Features of SF/SS Double-wall Tank:
        ●Double wall steel+FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastic)/steel+steel;
        ●Applicable to aboveground or underground purposes;
        ●Applicable to storage of oil, gas, water, alcohol and other hazardous liquid;
        ●Various products with the same technical process for different purposes are available;
        ●Conforming to related domestic and international standards;
        ●Production capacity: 10000 units/year(1 unit=one 10000L tank)
        ●Strict testing procedures;
        ●Excellent warranty services;
        I. Safety
        1. Inner wall: 6-8mm Q235-B steel plate;
        2. Outer wall: 4+mm FRP with excellent performance in compression resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance and electrolytic corrosion resistance;
        3. A 0.1+mm leadage-monitoring interspace between the two walls achieved by a patent process to prevent any leakage risk with a 24h-working leakage detector;
        II. Environment Friendliness
        1. The FRP outer wall can prevent the leakage from directly polluting the soll and water;
        2. Electrolytic corrosion,diesel corrosion or leaded petroleum corrosion will not occur to the FRP outer wall;
        4. Leakage detector can be easily installed just by putting the detector probe into the detecting tube and a 24h monitoring to prevent any leakage risk can be achieved with the extermal monitoring device and the power;
        5. Easy testing and maintenance for the leakage deteeting system to protect the soil and the water from being polluted;
        6. Effective environment protection performance avoids later later high economic costs for environment protection;
        II. Economy
        1. The service life of SF double-wall tanks is 3-5 times longer than the conventional ones and at least a 50-year service life under safe operation can be guaranteed;
        2. Easy and quick installation can greatly reduce the project duration and costs;
        3. The maintenance demanded by the SF double-wall tanks is just 1/10 of that of the conventional ones, thus the maintenance costs can be saved much;
        4. Remote control makes the daily and regular inspection easy and digital control can avoid much manual operation;
        5. A much higher utilization rate than the conventional ones ensures a high application efficiency and a high cost performance;
        6. High performance in environment protection prevents any risk or loss caused by leakage;

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